Poster for Agenzia X  - SLAM X at Cox 18

Metropolis  for Frequenz Zine Berlin

Cover for Matteo Di Giulio book - Agenzia X press

Metropoli made for Re-Search Milano book- Agenzia X press

Cover for BeK - electronic music release -  Kaometry record

Inside Photos for Rave New World book for Agenzia X - Tobia D´Onofrio

photo Installation at Abandoned Soviet Radar Station in Berlin

Cover and inside collages for Once were Ravers - Pablito El Drito - for Agenzia X press

Photos for Emanuele Crotti´s project: Burning Wings - Berlin 2013-2014

Tribute to PP Pasolini on Cavalcavia Farini, Milano 2003 in collaboration with Tazmovement

with the painter Andrea Chiesi for the project Perpetuum Mobile

Cover for the book “The End is The Beginning” published by XLAB  2012

with Marcello Gungui for the exhibition THE INVISIBLE CITIES at Traffic Gallery ( BG) 2009

Pastiche Magazine, n29  / 2014

Cover and inside photos of “ Stencil Art - M-City and Orticanoodles “ edited by Traffic Gallery 2007